Crunch Time

Crunch! The word has a fun ring to it, doesn't it? "Crunch!". It's the sound you hear when you tuck into your favourite cereal. It's what you do when you're trying to flatten your stomach. It's the feeling you have when you crash into a tree when skiing and break both of your legs. All… Continue reading Crunch Time


Productivity, disability and some facts

This week the chancellor of the UK, Mr Phil Hammond, caused something of a stir when he appeared to suggest that worsening productivity figures in the UK economy were somehow the fault of disabled people. What did he actually say? Like most politicians, one must look carefully at the words spoken and not just what… Continue reading Productivity, disability and some facts

The employer, the employed, and the fulcrum between them

I wanted to blog a bit about how HR can and should play a vital role in defining and maintaining the relationship between the employee and the employer. It’s generally not something that is commonly taught on HR courses and thus, at least in my experience, it is something that a lot of raw recruits… Continue reading The employer, the employed, and the fulcrum between them