The HR cat has been lurking in various human resources departments for years, and has survived to tell the tale despite her inherent curiosity. HR can be a strange, mysterious and ever changing world full of cryptic lingo, acronyms, and clandestine meetings, sometimes with stern HR mistresses telling you off. The HR cat is here to give you an insight into the HR world, tell you what all the lingo, acronyms, and scary meetings actually mean and how they’re relevant to you, whether you’re an employee, manager, shareholder or CEO, without abusing you with technical details or HR minutiae. Hopefully the HR Cat’s insights will  not deter any budding HR professionals from taking a leap into the fascinating, fun, spooky, dark and sometimes dangerous jungle of human resources.

In her years as a HR professional she has hired and fired countless people, restructured and harmonized many business and workplaces, disciplined and developed hundreds of workers, and given hope to the world that yes, HR departments can be an asset and facilitator, not just a cost and an obstruction.

She knows all about EU employment law, best HR practices, and workplace cultures, so if you need HR advice with a European flavour feel free to get in touch. However, this is a busy cat who doesn’t just bask in the sun all day, so please be patient when awaiting an answer.